Product Care

Product Care

● Our necklaces are made with acrylic pieces and thin metal wires - although sturdy, they are not meant to withstand extreme force.

● Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

● Handle small metal bits with care.

● Avoid yanking the chain to prevent breakage and deformation of jump rings.

● Keep out of reach of very young children due to small parts and sharp edges.

● As with many everyday objects such as pens, cooking utensils, and corners of furniture, some pendants may have sharp edges. They are of course not sharpened to cut, but can be harmful with lack of caution. Handle with care as you would any other object.

● Store in a cool, dry place.

● Acrylic plastic tend to show dust and fingerprints. Should you want to clean your necklace, please do so by washing with a mild soap and lukewarm water. It would be best if the moisture does not touch the necklace chain or jump rings. Please do not use strong chemicals like acetone, window cleaners or similar compounds to clean your pendants.

● Some of our specialty acrylics do require more care such as those with a clear or mirror finish. It is key to avoid surface scratches to retain the integrity of delicate engravings. It helps to store these necklaces with clingwrap film or to store them in its own personal packaging.