For The Team: Rival Academy

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For The Team: Rival Academy

For The Team: Eternal Summer

$29.99 is the price for a set of 4
$19.99 for a set of 2
$9.99 for a single necklace

Shippers, take your marks!

A partner set to our highly popular For The Team: Eternal Summer collection!

Our favorite swim club has made new friends and rivals! The mix-and-match fun continues!

The drop-down menu below will give you these choices:

Rival Academy Set

"This is our ultimate team!"
4-necklace set ($29.99)

Pair Combinations

"I'll be waiting for you to come back"
A whale shark and shark pair ($16.99)

"I'll be in your care, senpai!"
A duck and sea otter pair ($16.99)

A duck and shark pair ($16.99)

"I know that feel, bro"
A whale shark and orca pair ($16.99)

Individual Necklaces

"I want to achieve my dream"
Shark single necklace ($9.99)

"I'm in no mood to lose"
Whale Shark single necklace ($9.99)

"If you let your guard down, you're in for some pain!"
Duck single necklace ($9.99)

"I'm not gonna lose next time!"
Sea Otter single necklace ($9.99)

For those who are curious, unconventional combinations like the Orca and Shark can be paired like this.

Please use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page to select the necklace pair or single necklace of your choice!

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Pendant dimensions:
0.96 inches (W) x 1.61 inches (H)

Chain length:
28 inches

Item: 1200 Pesos for a set of four, 700 Pesos for a pair, 400 Pesos for a single necklace
Shipping: 90 Pesos

Shipping only applies once per order. Purchase as many items as you'd like and the indicated fee will only apply once per transaction.

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